About NM Data

As a human-sized group, NM Data focuses on ensuring the growth of its agencies.

By respecting your identity and your know-how, we create consistent campaigns that are aligned with your line of business. Our aim is to target perfect customers for you. Thanks to our 4 agencies (Adress Company, Data Company, Yes Indeed ! and Euroleads), we answer all your requests in a personalized way.

We provide list brokerage services, Big data and data science solutions. We detect and select a lot of data providers and Open data, in order to set up B2C and B2B efficient solutions.
Our clients are mostly specializing in fundraising, retail, publishing, mail order, banking, Telco, utilities and car manufacturing.

NM Data is a fast-growing company of over 50 people generating 16 million euros turnover.

NM Data’s timeline


Launch of a list brokerage department within a lettershop company


Establishment of Adress Company within the group Eurodirect


LBO (Leverage Buy Out) to purchase Adress Company out from Eurodirect and creation of Neptune Media


Creation of Data Company and its Profilia Masterfile, the leading french dataset with over 40 million individuals


Creation of E-Box Media, which later became Yes indeed ! in 2016. (Mail order data specialist, for postal addresses and package inserts)


Creation of Adress Company Baby which reaches each year over half of pregnant women


Creation of an IT Systems department


Creation of a Data Science department


Launch of Ethix and of a digital business unit within Adress Company, providing qualified leads


Acquisition of Combbase : launch of a BtoB Department


Acquisition of Euroleads : launch of an international and KYC solutions

Neptune Media changes its name : it becomes NM Data

Acquisition of NM Data by MV Group

Implementing synergies

Our support services - marketing, communication, finance, legal and IT - co-operate with each agency. Bringing together our know-how, mutualizing our skills and working in a collaborative mindset, ensuring a powerful group and the synergies implementation.

Internal growth

Supporting the development of our agencies and challenging our creativity are major stakes within the group. We do everything we can to renew our business offers, in order to respond to your needs and challenges, which are constantly evolving.

It is essential to us to support our employees in their career evolution and to encourage them to always surpass themselves.

NM Data’s commitments

We promote ethical and honest behaviors in everything we undertake and in all of our relationships, may it be with our partners, our clients or our service providers.

Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) helps us study laws and regulations which frame our line of business, including GDPR.

We also advocate for environmental and social values :

  • All of our agencies are committed to our CSR policy
  • Charities’ support
  • Caring for employees
  • Member of bodies representing our business: CNIL (French Data Protection Authority), DMA France, AFF (French Fundraisers Association)...

Those examples perfectly illustrate our code of ethics.

Logos code of ethics

Internal structure 

The group’s aim is to provide support services to all 4 agencies : financial and technical means, marketing, communication.

To that, we can add the members of the Management Committee : Virginie Chesnay Gonçalves, Marco Carducci, Marc de Fougerolles, Anne-Sophie Carasco, Benjamin Alexandre, Amandine Larragnague, David Defontaine, Linda Bellal and Nicolas Driancourt. The Management Committee meets once a month in order to decide new strategies, projects, solutions, with the aim of always providing top-quality campaigns.

The Executive Committee also meets once a month. Here are the members of the Executive Committee : Stéphane Barthélemy, Virginie Chesnay Gonçalves, David Defontaine, Marc de Fougerolles, Céline Denner, and Arnaud Le Lann.